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We are tire specialists and one of the area's largest tire dealers. We're fast and competitive. Our knowledgeable staff will help
you select the proper new tires for your vehicle. We sell all types of tires, do tire rotations and repair flat tires. We are
conveniently located in Winchester Center. Pick up and delivery can be arranged to your Winchester home. Frequently asked
tire questions:                   
What brands of tires do you sell? How do I choose the right tire for my car? We sell all types of tires... Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Kumho, Yokohama,
Pirelli, Dunlop, Firestone, Continental, Uniroyal, B.F.Goodrich, etc. We generally recommend you replace current tires with the same size and brand as the original
equipment that came on your car. We can get any type of tire from the most exotic tires to the most basic for a limited budget.

What is tire rotation? How often should my tires be rotated? Rotation is taking the tires off and moving them front to back on the car so the tires wear evenly. Tires
need to be rotated properly according to the type of vehicle you have. Proper rotation makes tires last longer. Tires should be balanced at the time of rotation as well.
The NHTSA recommends that his be done every 5,000 miles.

Does tire pressure affect gas mileage? How often should tire pressure be checked? The air
pressure inside the tires affects the overall performance of the vehicle. The tires need to be properly inflated
to get optimum gas mileage and proper wear on the tire itself. The NHTSA recommends that tire pressure be
checked once a month. If you don't know how to do it correctly, a full-service gas station or auto service
center will provide this service. The money saved at a self-service gas station may be lost in poorer gas
mileage overall, if you don't maintain the proper tire pressure and check it regularly.

Why is tire maintenance so important? Properly maintained tires improve stopping, steering, load
carrying capacity, and traction of your vehicle. Tires that are under inflated or over-loaded are a major
cause of tire failure. Bald tires are not only dangerous, but illegal. Have us check the condition of your tires regularly for the safety of your family.                                        
See the NHTSA site for more information.

With today's technology, why do some tires wear out faster than the past? Yes it's true tires are very high-tech products, but some of today's cars are harder on
them. All-wheel drive will wear tires faster. Also the larger "high-performance" tires with less wall area (rubber), tend to get damaged more easily, by curbs, potholes, etc.

Which cars need snow tires? It depends on your vehicle and driving needs. Generally cars with rear wheel drive need snowtires. Also if you have "ultra-high
performance" tires on a front-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicle for performance driving on summer road conditions, you may need snows for better traction in the winter.  

How often should brakes be replaced? When should brake fluid be changed? Brakes are always inspected when tires are taken off the car. Generally, not
always, brakes need to be replaced every 30,000 miles; this can vary tremendously depending on your driving style. A lot of stop and go driving can wear brakes much
faster. Brake fluid should be flushed every two years to remove contamination.

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